Our products help lenders, investors and insurers capture market share, scale operations and profit from the risks they take in financing the American Dream.

Evaluate: End-To-End Electronic Distribution Platform for Non-Conforming Investors

Evaluate is an electronic distribution platform for loan aggregators and investors. It delivers an automated underwriting decision, fully risk-based price and loan documentation roadmap from a client-branded online portal. Now every loan buyer can field a platform rivaling those of the biggest banks and guarantors.

Translate: The mortgage industry’s data utility

Normalize data to the industry standard or any format. Then quality control every data point – before you import.

A data conversion solution, Translate allows originators and servicers to meet industry data standards and reconciliation requirements. Users can create new templates, upload files, confirm file mapping, and apply data quality rules to resolve discrepancies in any data file.

Bid: the loan investor’s operations platform

Analyze bulk or flow loan purchases. Validate origination quality and compliance with your criteria. Monitor servicer and portfolio performance.

Know BEFORE and AFTER you buy. With the robust automation of your portfolio bid process, you can uncover more of the material details about the loans and properties in the pool. Bid automates your predefined acquisition guidelines and provides a better method to expand the depth and breadth of the due diligence process. Post-purchase, ingest servicing data to operationalize your asset surveillance strategy.

Workout: Defaulted loan resolution that works for everyone

Work-Out is a defaulted loan resolution system that enables loan investors to operationalize their strategies as loan servicers engage troubled borrowers. The application collects borrower information and applies investor rules and NPV model inputs to determine modification, foreclosure alternative and other means of resolving delinquency and default.

Monitor: Collateral value preservation solution

Gain effective execution of property preservation protocols through expert analysis of field inspection results, automated alerts, a network of trusted service providers and enhanced vendor oversight.

Overture’s property preservation oversight solution, Monitor, helps investors manage sub-servicers and vendors beyond contract compliance. Featuring the industry’s most trusted field inspection services and most comprehensive report reviews, Monitor can provide investors unique insight into the effectiveness of their property preservation investments.

Property Inspections: Reliable, comprehensive information

It’s as if you went to the property yourself. Get the information you need to inform vendor oversight and property disposition strategies.

Our flagship product, the Property Assessment Report, answers the most important question: How much will it cost to return this property to a market norm for condition? With each deficiency quantified, marketing decisions are more straightforward and results more predictable.

Property Preservation Services: Efficient execution of effective protocols

Combat the adverse impacts of property vacancy with the most effective preservation services available. Our national network of professionals follow proven, detailed statements of work to take actions necessary to prevent avoidable damage, such as water intrusion, and to cost effectively maintain the property until its sale.