Our products help students intelligently navigate the financial aid process while improving responsiveness and lowering costs for schools.

Conductor: Your financial aid communications platform

Beyond a Shopping Sheet – a personalized presentation of financial aid for every student.

Now you can provide detailed, personalized guidance to students and their families on the process of funding higher education at your school - for a fraction of your current aid notification costs. With Conductor, you can produce a branded, secure, personalized website for each student and publish award letters, shopping sheets and other critical communication. Even more, students will see their portal as a connection to your school, enhancing your recruitment prospects.

Needs Analyzer: Comprehensive financial aid management

Easily project impact of macro and school-level changes to budgets and allocations for each school year.

First, exert complete control over how your students' estimated contribution is calculated. Choose from Federal, Institutional or hybrid methodologies with flexibility to employ bottom-line adjustments based on student data and your policies.

Then, project the impact on financial aid availability and needs of your students as a result of changes in enrollment patterns, federal and state aid programs and costs.

With complete confidence in your financial planning, consistently apply aid guidelines and policies with business rule functionality to execute your budget and forecasts.